It seems this blog has caught the attention of the spam bots and now gets hit with around 20 to 50 comments a day, 90% of them from the same scammers trying to con people out of money for writing articles (and as some will know, I’ve written a few articles, had them published and know a bit about how the “writing for (very little) money” game works).

The worst scammer of all is an outfit called “writing job income” (and, no, I’m not going to be  daft enough to post their URL; it ends in .com and isn’t hard to guess, and I suggest no one looks it up and visits it, unless they really want to be scammed).

So, I’ve installed some stuff to try and reduce the amount of spam here, but it will only really work well against the spam bots.  Right now I’m reluctant to add the “prove you’re a human” stuff before people can comment, as I don’t like it and I suspect others don’t either.  However, if you get a pop-up when you’re trying to comment, then it means the system here suspects you’ve not read the post before writing a comment.

Hopefully this may reduce the amount of garbage I get in my inbox every morning, although I doubt it’ll stop those who are STILL being a bit childish and sending me junk out of personal spite – I do know who you are, you know, as some of you aren’t bright enough to cover up the trail you leave behind…………………..